Hopp til hovedinnhold

The board of The Norwegian Society of Rural Women. Photo: Helle Cecilie Berger

Welcome to The Norwegian Society of Rural Women

We are an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with 11.000 members. We have 427 local chapters around Norway. The first chapter was founded in 1917.

What do we work with?

  • Gender equality

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Food traditions and cultural heritage

  • Inclusion and integration

  • Education and public health

  • Rural livelihoods and community


Our members

  • Get involved to improve their local community
  • Build community with other women locally, nationally and internationally
  • Work and engage to develop themselves, each other and the society


Member democracy

  • Every second year, representatives from all around the country gather to decide on what the organization will work with the coming years.
  • Everyone can suggest ideas, and then we vote.


The central administration and central board work on

  • Serving our 11.000 members
  • Developing the organisation
  • Putting the members’ decisions in motion